Why do we close our eyes

When we sleep

When we cry and

When we imagine

That’s because the most beautiful thing in this world is not visible

When we find someone

The uniqueness is in line with our

We joined him and

Fall into a similar oddity

Called LOVE

Are things that do not want to let go of

Are the ones who do not want us to leave

Just remember not to release the end of the world

But the beginning of a new life

Happiness is for those who cry

Those who hurt

They were injured and

Those who have tried


Because they can appreciate

How important that has been

Touch their lives

Great love is when we shed tears

And we still cares for him

Is when he does not care about us

And we are still waiting faithfully

Is when he starts loving another person

And we can still smile and say”I’m so HAPPY FOR YOU”

If love could not redeem yourself

Let your heart again spread its wings

And flew into the wild again

Remember that we may find love and lost

But when love is dead

We do not need to go off with him

And when love is unrequited

We do not have to hate him anyway