Wonderful of Indonesia at Lombok-west nusa tenggara

Lombok Island is an island in the Lesser Sunda islands or Nusa Tenggara are separated by the Lombok Strait from Bali to the west and the Alas Strait to the east of Sumbawa. This island is roughly spherical with a kind of “tail” on the southwest side whose length is approximately 70 km. The island reaches 5,435 km ², placing it on the list based on the breadth of the island in the world. The main town on the island is Mataram City.
Kuta Beach: Lombok is a tourist spot on the island of Lombok,West Nusa Tenggara , Indonesia. Beach with white sand is located in a village called “Desa Kuta” . Kuta village started to become attractive tourist destination in Indonesia since the establishment of many new hotels. Besides the natural beauty that can be enjoyed in this village,once a year Sasak ceremony held in the village . It is a ceremony of Bau Nyale. In this ceremony Nyale sailors looking for worms in the sea. According to legend,there was once a princess , named Princess Mandalika , very pretty, lots of prince and youth who want to marry her. Because she can’t take a decision, then she plunged into the sea water. She previously promised that she will come back once a year . Her long hair became the Nyale worms .

Kuta Beach is likely to become a new icon for tourism Lombok Island. It could be said that because of development around the Kuta Beach area solid start , just as the construction of luxury hotels and also Lombok International Airport.


Memories at Flower Garden

Discover beautiful at TAMAN BUNGA NUSANTARA. Where the flower of all seasons grow.

Taman bunga nusantara is a international tourist object the place in village cipanas,west java-Indonesia. This site is first open by the second President of Indonesia, Soeharto in 10 sptember 1995.


So many religions practiced by humans . But there is divided into two criteria of religion , namely divine religions and religious ardhi . Here is the meaning and difference between divine religions and religious ardhi .

A ) . Divine Religion

Divine religion is the religion that man received from God through the angel Gabriel creator and propagated by His messengers to the humans . Examples of divine religions are Islam , Christians , and Jews .

The characteristics of the divine religions are :

1 ) . His religion is born intact , can be determined from nothing into existence .
2 ) . Religion has an authentic scripture ( teachings survive / original of the Lord ) .
3 ) . Generally definitely determined the birth , and not grown from the public , but revealed to the public .
4 ) . Presented by the man chosen by God as His messengers .
5 ) . Teachings are versatile fixed , although its interpretation may change according to human intelligence and sensitivity .
6 ) . Concepts divine absolute monotheism ( tawhid ) .
7 ) . Truth is universal , ie applicable to humans , time , and circumstances .

B ) . Religion Ardhi

Ardhi religion is a religious ideology derived from the traditions , customs that must be preserved . Examples are Buddhist , Hindu , Sinto , Confucius and others.

The characteristics of religion Ardhi are :

1 ) . Panthaisme divine concept , dynamism , and animism .
2 ) . Growing cumulative adherents in society .
3 ) . Not delivered by a messenger of God ( apostles ) .
4 ) . Generally don’t have a holy book .
5 ) . His teachings can change according to the change of mind , a mind adherents .
6 ) . Truth isn’t universal teachings , which don’t apply to every human being , time , and circumstances .

The difference between divine religions and religious ardhi are:

1). Religion divine be based on the concept of the oneness of God, while religion ardhi not.
2). Religious faith divine prophet, whereas religion ardhi not like that.
3). Religion is the main source of divine scripture revealed, while the religious scriptures ardhi not important.
4). All divine religions born in the Middle East, while religion ardhi born outside the region.
5). Teachings of divine religions clearly and decisively, while religious teachings ardhi vague and elastic culture.


Love and lust turn out to be controlled by brain. Thus the result of U.S research scientists who find a special area of the brain that controls long-term decision about love. 

Stephanie Cacioppo, neuroscientist from university of Chicago studied the brain of a man from argentina who suffered a stroke. These disease impair the function of the interior insula, a brain region associated with love. 

a 48-years-old man normal when making decisions related to sexual drive. But he react more slowly in long-term decisions about love than the control group who had age., gender, and etnhicity similar but has a healthy interior insula. 

The particifant were shown 40 pictures of attractive women in short dresses and long. Then asked him, which women who becomes the object of love or just sex. Stroke with a damaged spot love to respond more slowly when given a question related to the object of love. 

“These result allowed to separate love from other biologycal impulse.” wrote Cacioppo as published in science daily. 

Cacioppo found that the posterior insula, affecting sensation and motor control, control appetite or desire. While the interior insula control long-term love. The finding are published in the jurnal Current Trend in a Neurology. 

” The different is lust interpreted as a relatively concrete representation of a sensory experience, while love is a more abstract representation of a number of experiences.” say Cacioppo.

Cacioppo defines love as a deliberate commitment to a long-term relationship is intense with other. She added that, contrary lust or sexual desire when a person has a goal term fun.


Dalam aku melangkah meniti hidup ini yang penuh dengan misteri. Hari-hari kelabu yang selalu menyelimuti hari-hariku dipenuhi dengan buaian angan-angan. Hidup yang penuh dengan tantangan, yang harus kuhadapi dengan tegar setegar batu karang di laut. Apakah semuanya akan berakhir begitu saja tanpa melalui proses perjuangan?

Ingin rasanya aku seperti yang lain. Yang berhasil dalam hidupnya. Namun kenyataan tak mungkin bagiku. Lingkungan yang membuatku jadi garang, lingkungan yang mempengaruhi hidupku. Tapi lingkungan membuat aku bahagia juga. 

Ku buang perasaan jelek pada lingkungan. Lalu aku sadar dari lamunan. Aku beranjak mengambil air wudlu, lalu aku bersimpuh di hadapan-Mu, akhirnya kuucapkan : “SUBHANALLAH”



Women expect men to know these 5 things!
Because women are still often embarrassed to tell their desire to men, they prefer to send certain signals than to say it directly. They even hope that men will know their intentions without saying. Well, the women expect men to know these 5 things.
1. Declare love
Women like certainty, and they will hate when men began to hang their feelings. On the other hand, men love women and had replied, although not strictly speaking. Because for some men, a declaration of love doesn’t really matter. Unfortunately the women think differently. Women always want men to say their feelings directly to her, so that she can get certainty.
2 . Surprise
Women like to be flowers and other small gifts , when they least expect it . Surprise it will make her feel pampered and loved . However , not all men understand this and sometimes don’t care on this one woman’s desire.
3 . Polite
Anyone who would like a mate and knows how to behave politely in public . Any woman would really like the guy was polite and able to appreciate her as a woman.
4 . Honest
Women hope that men can be honest with her about what had happened in his life . Because after all , honesty is the foundation of a loving relationship . But sometimes when asked about the past , men often shy away and change the subject .
5 . Initiative
Because women prefer to send certain signals when she wants something , she wants a man more initiative. At least , he can do anything she wants without being asked first.


“Seperti oh Tuhan,aku tidak percaya bahwa seperti standar masyarakat ganda. Mengapa pria dapat bermain-main dan menjadi pejantan sedang kan wanita jika bercinta terlalu banyak adalah di katakan sebagai pelacur?” Itu adalah pertanyaan yang begitu banyak wanita muda katakan pada dirinya sendiri saat mereka memandangi handphone nya yang berisi pesan teks dari dua orang. Dia saat ini membenturkan pada dua interval acak. dan beberapa orang lain yang dia mungkin menggedor di masa depan. 

Mengapa ada standar ganda?Apakah karena patriarki jahat telah dimasukkan ke dalam tempat penindasan sistematis perempuan dan menggunakan seks sebagai salah satu alatnya? Apakah karena biologis berbicara,seorang pria sadar berkolerasi dengan pergaulan wanita sebelumnya adalah sebagai indikator perilaku masa depan dan kemungkinan dia akan menipu atau lebih buruk. Menjebaknya ke dalam seperti membesarkan anak yang bukan miliknya. 

Kebanyakan orang tidak peduli dengan gaya gadis-gadis,ras,dimana dia pergi ke sekolah atau apa yang dia lakukan untuk hidup. Ketika satu=satunya tujuan mereka adalah untuk berzina dengan mereka. Apakah dia seorang indie-punk,hipster,gadis kutu buku,ratu kecantikan,tomboi,sexy atau sebagai salah satu dari beberapa perempuan yang benar-benar menarik. Vagina mereka tetaplah hangat,merah muda dan lembab di dalam.

Santai dan acak seks untuk kalian adalah tindakan kebetulan yang murni. Selain mencari lucu dan menjadi menyenangkan,tidak memerlukan investasi pada bagian anda sama sekali. Anda memiliki malam dimana anda hanya ingin menari-nari dan menikmati diri anda dalam lingkaran kesenangan.Sehingga orang memiliki tampilan dan sikap pada anda yang begitu tertarik pada perhatian anda. Yang harus Anda lakukan adalah menikmati perhatian dia memberi Anda , biarkan dia melakukan berbicara , tertawa , setuju dengan dia. Bermain dengan rambut Anda , minum beberapa untuk melonggarkan Anda, dan hal berikutnya yang Anda tahu , Anda memiliki mulut penuh air mani saat Anda selesai meniup dia di kursi depan Camaro nya .

Santai dan acak seks bagi seorang pria adalah tindakan keterampilan , ketekunan , dan sedikit keberuntungan. Ada standar tertentu kita sebagai laki-laki harus memenuhi dan kondisi kita harus beroperasi di bawah untuk masuk ke dalam. Pertama , kita harus memiliki kepercayaan diri untuk mendekati gadis dan menghadapi peluang ditumpuk bahwa dia akan mengabaikan kita,baik mengatakan tidak,atau memberitahu kita lakukakn hal itu. Beberapa anak ayam cantik tapi beberapa membenci mereka. Kedua, wanita harus berada pada suasana hati gembira. Karena jika dia merasa tidak bahagia,atau merasa seperti tidak ingin bicara dengan siapapun, tak peduli tampan dia akan menolak pria. 

Mari kita dapat mengatakan jika pria mampu melompat melalui dua rintangan. Jika dia memiliki gadis,tertarik atau tidak tertarik dia tidak dikatakan jalang.  Ini adalah di mana ia harus menggunakan pengalamannya dari kegagalan dan keberhasilan dahulu kala. Dia harus menilai situasi , memilih materi pelajaran untuk berbicara pasti untuk membuatnya merasa intelektual dirangsang, terhubung secara emosional, dan mampu membuatnya tertawa.

Love texting is finesse of longdistance relationship

Sometimes in a long distance relationship, so important to have alignment relationship. Here are some tips for maintaining a long distance relationship:

1). Maintain communication

Communication is the most important thing to be kept . You did have occasion to talk with a partner, but that doesn’t mean calling partner at busy times . Understand each other is the key to communication fun .
2).Show her longing

Saying ” I miss you ” ten times in a day will not mean much for the pair . Unless you clearly show through action . For example , send gifts or words more wisely . In this way the message is conveyed more clearly .
3). Open

Just because you live apart with a partner , doesn’t mean you can keep things in pairs . Precisely to discuss any experienced and discussed it , the more close-knit relationship .
4). Give freedom

Although extends far distance , freedom still needed a partner. So don’t make it stressful because you keep calling her and asking the same questions about their whereabouts .
5). Messages of love

If you say something to your partner , maybe she just take it casually. But when you write a love letter via , email , or SMS , the pair will be the impression that much .


This the five thing how to take care of your heart

Each organ plays each, including the heart . His job : set the number of carbohydrates , keeping blood glucose levels , regulate the balance of amino acids , fatty acids , cholesterol , hormones as well . Not only that , the heart is also responsible for removing toxins from the body .

To run the full functionality of the heart , of course you have to take care of him . Here’s five simple thing how to take care of your heart..

1). Enough water

Get used to consume 8-10 glasses of water each day . Plain water is the only way the heart remove toxins from the body . In addition to water , you can also consume water that is infused water with fruit extracts like lemon . How to : add the lemon juice into a glass of water .

Lemon helps improve heart detoxification . Citric acid contained in it helps remove toxins.

2).consumption of vegetables

Types of vegetables such as green vegetables , beets , carrots , cabbage , kale , and arugula able to keep the heart healthy. Be sure to eat at least two servings of vegetables a day .

Additionally , you can add onions and broccoli that contains more sulfur to improve heart detoxification .

3). Gentle massage

While lying on your back , you can gently massage the gall bladder and heart area located along the lower ribs on the right side of the body . This helps to increase blood circulation to the heart .

4). Don’t overload the heart

Heart working hard enough without having to process the intake like alcohol and painkillers . Generally , regular or low doses of painkillers is the leading cause of heart failure and other heart diseases .

5). Mineral intake

Minerals are essential for heart detoxification process . Make sure you eat plenty of foods rich in minerals or mineral supplements . Not only, it is also a line of essential nutrients needed to support the heart’s detoxification processes including magnesium , calcium , potassium , copper , sodium , iron , zinc , selenium , manganese , and others .

Four Car Very Expensive In The World


Privileged super car is no doubt . In addition to having exotic designs , these mounts are able to achieve high speeds and is priced exorbitant .

But it all seems not enough . For the super-rich , they are not just looking for a super high-powered cars , but also rare, only produced limited.

Well , here are the four most expensive car in the world with the above criteria .

First : Lykan hypersport , cars made ​​by automotive companies Beirut lebanon is the first supercar in the Middle East region .

Produced a total of seven units at a price of 33 , 9 billion IDR. Has a carbon fiber chassis that weighs very light .

This car is also studded with gold and diamonds on the rear LED lights , so it looks a lot like a twinkling star hologram .

Problem runway, the car debuted at the Qatar Motor Show January 29 turbo- powered engine -powered 750 hp with peak torque to 737 lb – ft .

This car can accelerate from 0-100 km within 2.8 seconds . Meanwhile, to achieve a maximum speed of 395 km / hour .

Secondly : Lamborghini Veneno , the car was released at the Geneva Motor Show last year was very exclusive . The Italian company is only producing the cars 3 units at a price of around 40 billion IDR.

Unfortunately , all three cars bearing the ‘ bull furious ‘ was already sold out . Problem cardiac pacemaker , the car is equipped with a capacity of 6.5 liter V12 engine which is capable of throwing power of up to 750 ps .

Third : the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport . If you want to buy a super car , prospective customers must spend over 50 billion IDR and had to scramble with a number of wealthy people in the world because of the limited number of units sold .

Fourth : Maybach Exelero , was first shown to the public in Germany in 2005 , this car has a retro – modern design combined .

For cardiac pacemaker , the car carrying the engine capacity 5.908cc twin turbo V12 -powered 700 hp . This car accelerates from 0-100 km / h within 4.4 seconds .

Maybach Exelero sold for very fantastic , reaching 80 billion IDR. Interestingly , this car only made ​​one unit for tire manufacturer Fulda Reifenwerke . They deliberately ordered it as reference material using a car tire width .

But now , the Maybach Exelero has owned European businessman named Arnald Massartic .