Four Car Very Expensive In The World


Privileged super car is no doubt . In addition to having exotic designs , these mounts are able to achieve high speeds and is priced exorbitant .

But it all seems not enough . For the super-rich , they are not just looking for a super high-powered cars , but also rare, only produced limited.

Well , here are the four most expensive car in the world with the above criteria .

First : Lykan hypersport , cars made ​​by automotive companies Beirut lebanon is the first supercar in the Middle East region .

Produced a total of seven units at a price of 33 , 9 billion IDR. Has a carbon fiber chassis that weighs very light .

This car is also studded with gold and diamonds on the rear LED lights , so it looks a lot like a twinkling star hologram .

Problem runway, the car debuted at the Qatar Motor Show January 29 turbo- powered engine -powered 750 hp with peak torque to 737 lb – ft .

This car can accelerate from 0-100 km within 2.8 seconds . Meanwhile, to achieve a maximum speed of 395 km / hour .

Secondly : Lamborghini Veneno , the car was released at the Geneva Motor Show last year was very exclusive . The Italian company is only producing the cars 3 units at a price of around 40 billion IDR.

Unfortunately , all three cars bearing the ‘ bull furious ‘ was already sold out . Problem cardiac pacemaker , the car is equipped with a capacity of 6.5 liter V12 engine which is capable of throwing power of up to 750 ps .

Third : the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport . If you want to buy a super car , prospective customers must spend over 50 billion IDR and had to scramble with a number of wealthy people in the world because of the limited number of units sold .

Fourth : Maybach Exelero , was first shown to the public in Germany in 2005 , this car has a retro – modern design combined .

For cardiac pacemaker , the car carrying the engine capacity 5.908cc twin turbo V12 -powered 700 hp . This car accelerates from 0-100 km / h within 4.4 seconds .

Maybach Exelero sold for very fantastic , reaching 80 billion IDR. Interestingly , this car only made ​​one unit for tire manufacturer Fulda Reifenwerke . They deliberately ordered it as reference material using a car tire width .

But now , the Maybach Exelero has owned European businessman named Arnald Massartic .



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