Love texting is finesse of longdistance relationship

Sometimes in a long distance relationship, so important to have alignment relationship. Here are some tips for maintaining a long distance relationship:

1). Maintain communication

Communication is the most important thing to be kept . You did have occasion to talk with a partner, but that doesn’t mean calling partner at busy times . Understand each other is the key to communication fun .
2).Show her longing

Saying ” I miss you ” ten times in a day will not mean much for the pair . Unless you clearly show through action . For example , send gifts or words more wisely . In this way the message is conveyed more clearly .
3). Open

Just because you live apart with a partner , doesn’t mean you can keep things in pairs . Precisely to discuss any experienced and discussed it , the more close-knit relationship .
4). Give freedom

Although extends far distance , freedom still needed a partner. So don’t make it stressful because you keep calling her and asking the same questions about their whereabouts .
5). Messages of love

If you say something to your partner , maybe she just take it casually. But when you write a love letter via , email , or SMS , the pair will be the impression that much .



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