Women expect men to know these 5 things!
Because women are still often embarrassed to tell their desire to men, they prefer to send certain signals than to say it directly. They even hope that men will know their intentions without saying. Well, the women expect men to know these 5 things.
1. Declare love
Women like certainty, and they will hate when men began to hang their feelings. On the other hand, men love women and had replied, although not strictly speaking. Because for some men, a declaration of love doesn’t really matter. Unfortunately the women think differently. Women always want men to say their feelings directly to her, so that she can get certainty.
2 . Surprise
Women like to be flowers and other small gifts , when they least expect it . Surprise it will make her feel pampered and loved . However , not all men understand this and sometimes don’t care on this one woman’s desire.
3 . Polite
Anyone who would like a mate and knows how to behave politely in public . Any woman would really like the guy was polite and able to appreciate her as a woman.
4 . Honest
Women hope that men can be honest with her about what had happened in his life . Because after all , honesty is the foundation of a loving relationship . But sometimes when asked about the past , men often shy away and change the subject .
5 . Initiative
Because women prefer to send certain signals when she wants something , she wants a man more initiative. At least , he can do anything she wants without being asked first.


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