Love and lust turn out to be controlled by brain. Thus the result of U.S research scientists who find a special area of the brain that controls long-term decision about love. 

Stephanie Cacioppo, neuroscientist from university of Chicago studied the brain of a man from argentina who suffered a stroke. These disease impair the function of the interior insula, a brain region associated with love. 

a 48-years-old man normal when making decisions related to sexual drive. But he react more slowly in long-term decisions about love than the control group who had age., gender, and etnhicity similar but has a healthy interior insula. 

The particifant were shown 40 pictures of attractive women in short dresses and long. Then asked him, which women who becomes the object of love or just sex. Stroke with a damaged spot love to respond more slowly when given a question related to the object of love. 

“These result allowed to separate love from other biologycal impulse.” wrote Cacioppo as published in science daily. 

Cacioppo found that the posterior insula, affecting sensation and motor control, control appetite or desire. While the interior insula control long-term love. The finding are published in the jurnal Current Trend in a Neurology. 

” The different is lust interpreted as a relatively concrete representation of a sensory experience, while love is a more abstract representation of a number of experiences.” say Cacioppo.

Cacioppo defines love as a deliberate commitment to a long-term relationship is intense with other. She added that, contrary lust or sexual desire when a person has a goal term fun.


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