There is few food that you don’t eat after exercise

For you who want to lose your weight, you may need to do exercise. But it uselles if you do exercise, you still spoil your diet. Like revenge you eat anything as your tounge and stomach want. That habit just made you more to get weight. After exercise, you need some food has special intake to your body. You’ve to eat some food had protein and carbohydrate. And don’t eat few food after exercise. This is few thing you don’t eat after exercise:

a).Raw vegetables
These foods don’t have enough calories, carbohydrates, good fats, and proteins to meet the needs of the body after exercise.

b).Snack fiber
Not all high-fiber snack or energy bars can restore the strength of the body. Some actually contain too much sugar. It is not good for the body .

c).Sodas and energy drinks
Energy drinks can indeed replace body electrolytes lost during exercise. But it also contains high sugar. Should drink only mineral water .

Before eating cereal, first check sugar content. If too high, you should avoid first. Pick the low sugar content, and mixed with low-fat milk.

Piece of meat for lunch is not wrong. But if it is the meat in the packaging, meaning it contains a lot of salt and chemicals. Choose fresh meat .

f).Burger and fries
Red meat in the burger symmetric body is hard to digest, especially after exercise. In addition , the contents of the burger is also high in saturated fat. The same foods high in salt .

g).Chocolate and milk
When you feel weak after exercise, the desired food is chocolate first. Hold yourself, because these foods are high in sugar, salt, and fat. However, dark chocolate can help you with anti – inflammatory properties and anti – oksidan.



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